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UNICEF-Case studies




UNICEF initiated the project for creating the “Missing Children Web Site” in the month of March 2004. The purpose of the project was to provide the agencies, involved in handling the issue of missing children, (General Public, Police, UNICEF, GoI, child line, NGOs) with a platform to post the information and seek information. Initially the project was to cater to the state of Bengal. However, upon successful roll out the web site was stipulated to cater to all the states in the country. During the sign off for the SRS document, a number of issues cropped up between UNICEF and implementation vendor on choice of technologies on which to build the web site.

GCS was hired by the procurement team of UNICEF to undertake the technology analysis of the proposed solution and propose the most suitable solution for implementing the Missing Children Portal as required by UNICEF and Ministry of Social Welfare.



Introduction To The Assignment

Post procurement audit for the “Missing Children Portal” funded by UNICEF for Department of Social Welfare

About The Client


Consulting Services




  • Brief description of scope of consulting ( Provide specific details of consulting experience in any of the following areas:

  • Technical Evaluation oft the two bids from TCS and Satyam for development of the Missing Child Portal for the Department of Social Welfare

  • Comparative review of salient features of he technologies involved in the two proposals

  • Techno financial analysis of the bids and post bid discussions held with UNICEF

  • Interview of all the personnel involved in the selection process and post selection running of the project

  • Collating all the information and making final recommendation through the report.




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